An under collar, marked for proposed adjustments following the forward fitting.

Online Tailoring 2023/24

Can it be done on screen? That is the question when considering an online course, especially learning practical skills. Having had to switch to remote delivery during the pandemic, we learned there are even upsides to learning on screen: we now use ‘Zoom-in-the-Room’ even for classroom demos. Our full-time students never miss a detail as every process step is shown close-up. Questions during the session are directly addressed via the interconnected sound system.

The same applies to Online Tailoring, a class attended by students from around the world: they either follow live every Friday, or catch up using the recording we provide. Between sessions, they discuss queries with tutors using our dedicated chat channel. Over the course of a year, our students learn to draft, cut and tailor a bespoke jacket from beginning to end! But don’t take our word for it. Here is Justin (who had never tailored before) about his experience:

“The course is well structured and the quality of teaching is excellent. Every point is carefully explained, time is always made for questions, and tutors take real interest in students’ progress. The presentation of content is excellent and the online experience has been carefully considered.

The recordings allow me to recap and the well monitored chat forum makes me feel part of a real class. The dedication for teaching really shines through as praise and encouragement. I will benefit this experience long into the future. If you are interested in bespoke tailoring, you could not choose a better course.”
 Photo credit: Titilayo Okujago

We are delighted Justin chose not only to join, but to stay with us once he has completed his course: he will enrol on our Level 5 Diploma programme, to qualify as bespoke cutter and tailor under the Regulated Qualification Framework.

The new Online Tailoring class starts 15th September. Get in touch if you are interested in what it can offer you: