Online Tailoring

From short-term Fix to permanent Fixture

Designed originally to fill a gap during the pandemic, our year-long, weekly online class proved to be hugely popular with participants around the globe. Whilst not able to travel over the last two years, our online students learned and practiced their new skills from home, all the time supported by our dedicated team of tutors. Some took the opportunity to prepare for our full-time Level 5 Diploma course. Here is Catherine Grebstad, from Norway, on her experience:

‘This is an amazing opportunity and I am so pleased to be a participant. The standard of the course is so much more than I could ever have anticipated. The level of detail and information is outstanding, both teachers are talented and dedicated in their delivery of the course making sure that we understand each and every step’.

Building on its success we are so excited to announce the continuation of the programme in 2022/23! Once again, we teach the individual pattern draft, the cutting and the tailoring of the classic bespoke jacket to those who want to make a start on their tailoring journey. Not holding back with the secrets of the trade, we deliver time-tested tricks you won’t find in any book. And uniquely, the curriculum covers both, the male and female figure types. Of course it does.

Starting 16th September 2022 and running through to 14th July the following year, the course offers 34 weeks of step-by-step lessons. We guide you through the entire bespoke process, in manageable units. Each  week sees three hours of live tuition in modular form, with the option of interaction with the tutors. An exclusive chat channel is open for Q & A’s between sessions. Each episode is available for download, to help you catch up should you miss a class.

Sessions will take place Friday 2 to 5pm GMT (+1) in parallel to our Level 5 Diploma course. Although the online experience can’t fully replace learning full-time in the workshop, students learn all the fundamentals of the bespoke jacking making process. The course will serve those who consider applying for the full qualification as a preparatory year and applications from our online participants will be prioritised for admission to our 2023/24 cohort.

This class is suitable for participants with intermediate experience in garment making. You don’t require previous experience in pattern construction as we guide you through the process step-by-step at the beginning of the class.

The course fee is £1,795 and includes our exclusive literature guiding you through the drafting process, as well as a variety of written tutorials. The pattern construction system is repeatable and will serve as a true bespoke tool that you can use over and over again. Places are limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis to suitable candidates. To apply, please download and complete our booking form. Payment is due upon confirmation of your place.

IMPORTANT: please note this class is suitable only for figure types with a greater chest than waist measurement.
Belly figures require a different pattern draft, which we may teach in a separate class at another time.
get in touch if in doubt – we are happy to advise you.

The full 34-week programme (modules are subject to minor change):


Date Module


Sep 16 Pattern Draft


Sep 23 Pattern Draft


Sep 30 Cloth preparation & marking & cutting the cloth


Oct 7 Design, cut and baste assembly of the canvas


Oct 14 Assembly and shaping of the canvas


Oct 21 Join canvas to fronts


Nov 11 Assembly of the back


Nov 18 Assembly of the sleeves


Nov 25 Cut, assembly and shaping of the collar


Dec 2 Join all parts for 1st fitting


Dec 09 1st (baste) fitting


Dec 16 Rip down and mark adjustments


Jan 13 Implement adjustments part I


Jan 20 Implement adjustments part II


Jan 27 Pocket making part I


Feb 3 Pocket making part II


Feb 10 Design, cut and assembly of facing and front lining, back lining


Feb 17 Pocket making part III


Mar 3 Face and line fronts


Mar 10 Line backs and join side seams


Mar 17 Join shoulder seams, add shoulder pads


Mar 24 Set under collar into neck hole


Mar 31 Line and finish sleeves


Apr 7 Set sleeves


Apr 28 2nd (forward) fitting


May 5 Implement final adjustments part I


May 12 Implement final adjustments part II


May 19 Design, cut and assemble upper collar, shape with iron


Jun 9 Join upper to under collar


Jun 16 Assemble sleeves in final position


Jun 23 Hand finish inside and out


Jun 31 Finishing touches


Jul 7 Hand button holes


Jul 14 Final press and buttons