Committing yourself to a year-long course, potentially leaving life as you know it behind, perhaps even relocating to a new place? It takes a giant leap of faith to do that – you need to be sure this is the right decision for you. Our students have taken it before you and  offer their insight with their testimonials, hopefully helping you with the choice.

Learning the ropes of a heritage craft can be tricky in a business environment, where deadlines are always looming. Time for structured learning is often not available and apprentices have to run along with the tasks at hand: they learn on the job.  Although a longstanding tradition, this is not necessarily the most efficient way to pick up new skills. Times are changing, and not everyone can afford – or is prepared to – spend three years in training.

At the academy, you start your training at A and finish at Z. Throughout the year, you have multiple opportunities to repeat and practice the bespoke techniques, until they become second nature. Our workroom is a sanctuary, free of the pressure of deadlines This time is a luxury we encourage our students to make full use of.

Secrecy is another barrier often found in traditional tailoring environs: companies are carefully guarding their trade secrets and only a fortunate few may eventually be privy to this precious knowledge. At the Tailoring Academy, we have no such worries: the whole purpose of our programme is to provide the fullest possible insight into the many aspects of the craft. Students are encouraged to keep asking ‘why’, to observe and to challenge, in short, to make the best of their time, and leave as fully rounded craftspeople – ready to practice in whichever way they chose.

Anna in the process of finishing her bespoke jacket

What our Graduates think:

“The content and course delivery is unsurpassed! I have already finished my second jacket and am starting my third. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Chris Stevens | Online Tailoring 2022/23

“I am in love with the Online Tailoring course, if anybody had told me a few years ago that it would be possible to learn how to make a tailored jacket with an online class, I would not have believed them. The level of detail, dedication and patience of teachers and the unique delivery of the course are second to none. I can’t think of anything that could be improved on.”

Catherine Grebstad | Online Tailoring 2022/23

“The Academy was the most positive and supportive learning environment I’ve ever been in”

Kellye Coffyn | Level 5 Diploma 2022/23

“I can not quite believe the breadth of skills and understanding of the craft that I have taken away from my time in Macclesfield. I feel incredibly proud of what I was able to achieve over the year. I still can’t quite believe this unique opportunity was available and offered to me just on my doorstep.”

Ben Hudson | Level 5 Diploma 2021/22

I joined the Level 5 Bespoke Cutting and Tailoring course to gain a more holistic understanding of the craft of bespoke. I have always had a passion for making clothes and believe it is essential for these traditional skills to be passed on so the art does not disappear in a world of fast fashion. The course, and Brita‘s unrivalled tailoring expertise proved invaluable, giving focused teaching on the intricacies of bespoke. Learning not only the foundations of pattern and garment construction, but also delving into the properties of a wealth of materials, their best uses and how these can be manipulated to give different outcomes, were an added bonus of the course. First class facilities, situated in the top floor studio of an old textile mill, walking distance from the Peak District, proved a fantastic environment to learn.  .”

Anna Leontine Chandler | Level 5 Diploma 2020/21

“My time at the Tailoring Academy was shaped by Brita’s incredible passion for the art of bespoke craftsmanship. It instantly fuelled my own learning. She shared her expertise in the intricate processes of bespoke cutting and tailoring with great patience and let me partake in an experience that profoundly formed my understanding of sustainable garment production.
As a child of my time, I feel incredibly blessed to have found a course that champions the heritage and beauty of high-quality craftsmanship. It has empowered me to work independently, dedicating my skills towards a long-lasting, consciously produced alternative to fast fashion. I can only recommend the Level 5 Course.

Mimi Hoelzl | Level 5 Diploma 2020/21

Mimi learning about the secrets of bespoke tailoring

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