Skills for a New Generation of Bespoke Tailors

Creative people up and down the country are looking for a chance to learn one of the most iconic crafts, Bespoke Tailoring. And yet, there seems to be a distinctive lack of competent training available. Prospective tailoring apprentices and fashion students alike often spend years in college without gaining real insight into the practical aspects of this beautiful craft.

The Tailoring Academy ends this shortage by becoming the first UK training centre to deliver the new Level 5 Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring, as a stand-alone qualification. The programme was designed in collaboration with the Savile Row Association to open up an alternative route to the traditional tailoring apprenticeship and will provide graduates with a recognised qualification.

The Tailoring Academy adopts a holistic approach as a merger of training facility and working bespoke tailoring house, with a master tailor at hand at any given time and will deliver the entire bespoke process including  BOTH traditional pathways (Cutter and Tailor) in a one year, full time course.

The ABC Qualification Guide recommends 450 GLH  (Guided Learning Hours) for the mandatory unit and one of the pathways, and a TQT (Total Qualification Time) of 500 hours.  At the academy, we know of the importance of continuous practice and will provide a TQT of 1,200 hours for mandatory unit and both pathways, more than twice the recommended time.

The curriculum includes:

• Individual (male and female) pattern drafting
• Planning and cutting
• Bespoke trouser, waistcoat and coat making
• Ironing and shaping
• Fittings
• Hand finishing

The Level 5 Diploma is an acknowledged, government approved qualification. Learners in or with promise of employment have  the option of applying to CapitB trust, which offers grants of up to £4,000 to students in textile training.

Applicants should have determination and a passion for the craft. An ‘equivalent of Level 3 experience in garment making and cutting skills’ is entry requirement for the Level 5 Diploma. Please get in touch to discuss your individual circumstances if you are interested in applying for this new, exciting opportunity.

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