Level 3 Diploma (Tailoring)

A Craft Renaissance

There is a real renaissance underway: young people up and down the country want to learn to make things the proper way again – by hand. To master the bespoke garment making process from beginning to end and to be able to deliver the highest quality is a powerful antidote in an era of relentless consumerism. Increasingly, students are looking to the crafts as a means to building a career that is independent from traditional employment in the fast fashion industry. A solid set of craft skills makes for an excellent foundation to build a future on.

Officially Award Winning

Only a few weeks into teaching the ABC Level 5 Diploma to the  first cohort of students, I was astounded and grateful to receive the Textile Society‘s annual Professional Development Award. The honour is in recognition of the fact that the Tailoring Academy is bringing the highest level of bespoke training to the north of England. The news arrived when students were gathered around our workbench, learning how to stitch a canvas for a bespoke coat – only a few weeks into their training – which is equally astounding.

Until recently, the only opportunity to learn the skills that make bespoke tailoring such an iconic craft would have been to become apprenticed by one of the prestigious Savile Row houses. There is, however, only a handful of places available each year – and they come with the high cost of living in the British capital. The Level 3 is opening up an alternative route to those with a passion for our craft. Successful students wishing to progress onto the Level 5 are invited to apply for the course starting in September 2019.


There is more good news: in recognition of its modern and unique stand-alone approach, the  CapitB Trust  has agreed to provide grant funding to the  Academy’s students. The number of places for the Level 3 course starting in January 2019 is limited to four, to ensure maximum focus on the requirements of each learner. A grant of £2,500 is available for each of these places.

Please get in touch if you are interested in applying for the Level 3 qualification (contact form below).

Brita Hirsch

Course Structure
Qualification ABC Level 3 Diploma in Apparel, Footwear or Leather Production (Tailoring)
Number 501/0088/9
Regulator Ofqual
Assessment Internal assessment, internal and external moderation
Grading Pass
Course Duration 14 January to 18 April 2019
Format Full Time
Fee £4,000
Grant Support £2,500
ABC Sector Fashion and Textiles
Ofqual SSA Sector 4.2 Manufacturing Technologies
Stakeholder Support UKFT
Training Centre The Tailoring Academy
Pickford St Mill, 3rd Floor
Pickford Street
Macclesfield SK11 6JD
Contact brita@tailoringacademy.co.uk
Qualification  Content
Unit Title

Unit Number

Credits GLH
Mandatory Unit
Managing Health and Safety and Employment Rights and Responsibilities




Managing Quality Standards




Managing own Working Relationships




Garment Production – Tailored Garments




Garment Cutting – Tailored Garments




Optional Unit
Aspects of Design




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